We have been raising Aussies since 1979. We have concentrated on providing
strong Aussie working stock dogs for the ranchers. We have continued to keep
strong Hangin Tree and Slash V bloodlines as the principle breeding in our Aussie
dogs.We believe in a powerful dog that can handle all types of stock. I worked
with and attended clinics held by Gary Ericsson when he was in Idaho. He always
said that you can slow them down, but if they don't have it to begin with you
can't give it to them. We strive to breed Aussies that are physically correct and
sound, mentally strong, and dogs that are very trainable and fun to be around.
Our Aussies must meet our expectations or we will not sell them to someone else.
Our dogs come with a full health guarantee and are guaranteed to want to work.

 We invite you to look at the pedigrees of our dogs. We believe that our pedigrees
are as strong as any in the Australian Shepherd breed. They are bred for working
stock of any kind.
We believe that our dogs are second to none. 

Our Story

Kidd's Australian Shepherds