​Australian Shepherds          

New addition to our stud dog lineup.

Ky is a black tri son of Sam out of a Pincie Creek bred female named Chaco. He is 4 years old and has a very big motor​​​. He is Great on cattle but a little rough on sheep and ducks. He will be a great addition to our breeding program. Check out the VERY strong working pedigree that is behind him. If you are looking for a cow dog with a lot of bite, look no longer. Crossing him on our Sioux daughters and line breeding back to Sam grand daughters will produce some intense working dogs. These pups will not be for the weak of heart in the world of working dog. 
Click this link to see a short video of him on some cattle. The third time he has seen cattle.
Click the link below to see Ky's Pedigree
Ky working on controlling his bite.