We have been raising Aussies for over 30 years. We have concentrated on providing
strong Aussie working stock dogs for the ranchers. We have continued to keep
strong Hangin Tree and Slash V bloodlines as the principle breeding in our Aussie
We believe in a powerful dog that can handle all types of stock. I worked
with and attended clinics held by Gary Ericsson when he was in Idaho. He always
said that you can slow them down, but if they don't have it to begin with you
can't give it to them. 
We strive to breed Aussies that are physically correct and
sound, mentally strong, and dogs that are very trainable and fun to be around.
Our Aussies must meet our expectations or we will not sell them to someone else.
Our dogs come with a full health guarantee and are guaranteed to want to work.

  WTCH Hangin Tree Working Blue was a family member for several years. He was
such a great working stock dog that we have tried to keep his bloodline in our
dogs as much as possible. Most of our dogs will have Blue in the 5 generation
pedigree a couple of times. 

 We purchased Red (Slash V Idahos Red Man) from Terry Martin in 1992. He
lived to be the age of 17 years old. He was a full brother to Pincie Creek's Slash V Bittersweet Sis (Aggie) and Slash V's, Bittersweet (Possum). He produced many
litters of good dogs. The cross of these Slash V bloodlines on the Hangin Tree
dogs has produced some of the best working Aussies in the nation. 

 We kept a son of Red and named him Bear (Idahos Working Red Bear). He was
a red-bi dog with a lot of drive. His mother was a granddaughter of both Hangin
Tree Working Blue, and Slash V Idahos Red Man. Bear only produce a few litters
before he passed away. We kept a daughter of Bears out of Minnie, and call her
Cinder (Kidds Hangin Black Cinder). She is turning out to be a great dog. She and
Blue had 8 pups and to our surprise there were 3 reds in the litter. Our boy Blue
must be red factored.

We purchased Minnie (Up and Down Hang In Creek Minnie)from Lyle and Carol
Gerkin (K-J Aussies). She is a great dog with a lot of drive. I am going to
continue to trial her in the future. She has a lot of drive and is very easy to handle.
She earned her Started and Open titles in Sheep and Cattle in one weekend.
Minnie scored 132 in Open Sheep.

Minnie will produce many great pups in the future. I will be breeding her
to C-Me Kidd's Working Blue in the future, check out the pedigree that those
pups will have.

 We purchased C-Me Kidd's Working Blue (Blue) from Tracey McPherson
(C-Me Aussies). Blue is a great dog to have around. He has more personality
than any dog I have ever owned or been around. Many of his pups are showing
this same personality. He has a lot of work drive, but is very easy to work. He
has produced several litters of pups and they look to be great working dogs.
Blue's pups are reported to be very strong working dogs.
 Blues first experience at the trial arena went very well. We trialed in New
Plymouth, Idaho on May 21st and 22nd, 2011. We entered 4 trials in the two
days, trialing on all three classes of stock. On 12 runs he earned
10 firsts, 1 second in sheep and 1 third in ducks. He scored a 113 in open cattle
under Judge Wayne Kerby. He also scored a 113 in open cattle under Judge
Steve Shope. He was awarded the Most Promising Started Aussie, and
High Combined Open. He earned both his Started and Open Titles in all three classes
of stock this weekend.
He is preparing to compete in the Advanced classes.  

  Sioux came to us about 2 years ago. We were very fortunate to have the
opportunity to get this great dog. He came to us as a adult but has
fit in very well. He is a very strong cattle dog. He heals very hard and has
no problem taking a head. His heal is low and his bite very hard. He will produce
some excellent working dogs in the near future.
He will be registered ASCA, AKC, CKC.

 We invite you to look at the pedigrees of our dogs. We believe that our pedigrees
are as strong as any in the Australian Shepherd breed. They are bred for working
stock of any kind.
We believe that our dogs are second to none. 


Our Story
       Kidd's Australian Shepherds